TOP 100 online games

On you can find many sections that feature free online games designed for a wide audience. TOP 100 best games is a special section, which contains all the “toys” that enjoy the popularity of gamers. There is nothing eternal, and therefore this collection is regularly updated since irrelevant options are removed from it and their new favourites take their place. If you see a special sign on the “toys” icon, this means that you can play it not only on a computer, but also on a mobile device. TOP 100 games for weak computers and gadgets will allow you to make a choice easily if you still poorly orient yourself in the world of computer games! 


Information for Owners of Devices Running on the Android OS

Any smartphone or tablet without software turns into an absolutely useless thing. The software must have a browser - convenient and modern. Finally, thanks to the browser you can watch movies, visit sites, listen to music and play browser games. TOP 100 best of them are presented on our website! It is noteworthy that built-in Flash support is not available in all browsers but the problem of its absence is solved by installing the official application. In some cases, “standard” browsers do not justify the expectations of gamers who cannot fully control the game processes.

If you have opened TOP 100 games on Android but it doesn’t work out for you, don’t get frustrated. There is a whole list of browsers for the Android OS with Flash support, from which you can choose the most suitable one. In any gadget, as well as in a computer, several browsers can peacefully coexist at once, for example, three: one is “gaming”, the second is for surfing the Web, the third is for watching videos and movies. To play 100 TOP games, you don’t have to download anything via torrent. Because it is much easier to download and install a suitable browser and use flash versions. If you do not know which browser to install we recommend that you consider the following options:

  • Skyfire Browser;
  • Dolphin Browser HD;
  • Puffin Web Browser;
  • Lightning Browser;
  • Baidu Browser;
  • FlashFox.



What is Included in the TOP-100?

In this section TOP 100 best games of all times are presented on PC and Android! In this list they are clogged like new items that were published in 2019, and “toys”, the popularity of which will not fall at least for several years. For example, the TOP of popular games includes what all advanced gamers played even in 2017. These are so demanded “toys” that they are not going to leave the TOP list at least in the near future. With us you will again meet the Trollface, Dexterous Box, Snail Bob, Super Mario and other heroes. You can also play football with your heads, drive on fireballs at breathtaking speeds, take part in hostilities and wander through the maze.