Pony Games online

gamesson.net has a section that is very popular with all girls who love little horses. Pony games are based on the famous cartoon, so the names of the main characters are well known to those who watched it. This is Pinky Pie, Spark, Rarity and so on. Each horse is endowed with some kind of talent and has character traits that are unique to it. Pony games for girls are presented in several variations, and the plots are fundamentally different, as well as graphics, and the essence of "toys". For example, the game Pony Friendship - literally "motley" bright, memorable scenery, from which the mood rises. Also, on our site there are "toys" from the category of "animal care" and "dress up", "brodilki" and so on. Also, we have a game "Create your Pony" and much more!


Why do all children without exception love little horses? Probably the cartoon of the same name is "blamed" for it, from which it still bursts with kindness. For example, the characters from the series "May Little Pony" are well known to every child who unwittingly compares himself with Rainbow Dash" or another cartoon character. If you want to visit the city of Poniville with your princess and pick apples with Applejack, then choose free games Pony! In these "toys" there is no aggression and cruelty, because they are designed specifically for girls and teach good things. Also, online games Pony contribute to the acquisition of skills that can be useful in adult life.