Survival Games online

Survival Game or Survival Games is the most popular genre among gamers, which is especially popular with adventure lovers and extreme fans. In essence, it is a life simulator, in which the player needs to control one or more characters. Online survival games are two varieties: when, in order to survive, the hero needs to exterminate his enemies or flee from them, looking for a safe haven. The player's task: to save the life of his character, which sometimes is very difficult, because with them can be various troubles. It is noteworthy that the "ancestor" of the genre is the game "Oregon Path", which in 2019 celebrated its 40-year anniversary. At the moment, the most popular "survival" game is Minecraft, although at you will find a lot of other survival games: on an island, on a raft, on a foreign planet, in the Far North, and so on. If you like a la Robinson Crusoe adventure, then this is your option! Objective: As long as possible to maintain the vitality of the character and prevent his death. More complex "toys" imply the achievement of certain indicators and accumulation of points.