Flights online

Flying Games

There is a category of computer games that everyone loves. This is a online game of shooting and flying, which can be played online, completely free! The site gives you such an opportunity being able to satisfy the most demanding “pilots” and “spacecraft commanders”. Do you want to try on a new role? Then flying online games is exactly what you need to try right now.



Features of Flying Games

Even a “scorched intellectual”, a lover of logical “toys” as well as children of all ages can play an online flying game. Characteristics of online flying games: simple rules, beautiful views from the top, good graphics and interesting tasks facing the pilot. Online games for boys with airplanes and spaceships are a fairly diverse category. On our site you will find realistic flight simulators and arcade games presented in 2D and 3D. Please note that there are not too many technically and graphically complex projects presented on, which is explained by the limited capabilities of online technology.


The General Essence of Flying Games

Flyer online games can be devoted to any subject, and it is not necessary that they be with shooting and bombing. Because there are relatively peaceful plots aimed at exploring outer space and neighbouring galaxies. All of them are united by something in common. This is a flight, and the aircraft can be anything: a military destroyer, a passenger airliner, a helicopter, an intergalactic ship, a hang glider. If you want to feel like a pilot, confidently holding the helm, flying games online is a great option for you! as a Great Way to Spend Your Leisure Time

All visitors to our site can play flying games for free. The main condition, or rather, there are two of them, is the presence of a personal computer with a browser and a stable Internet connection. Games are browser-based, not client-side, so the graphical indicators will be slightly lower. But online technology is constantly being improved, which in some cases allows players to offer a full three-dimensional image. They say that the popularity of flying games decreases every year, but we haven’t noticed this as they are still in demand despite the appearance of shooters and role-playing games.