Taxi Games online

Most passengers prefer to travel on public transport, but when a person is late or has a heavy suitcase, they will definitely prefer taxis. The games where this vehicle appears are inherently racing, but not all games. The site you will find a variety of games taxi simulators, racing in urban areas and much more. Some "toys" have "mercantile connotation", and in them the player's task is to transport as many passengers as possible. At the end of the "working day" taxi driver calculates the proceeds. In free games about taxis, sometimes very difficult tasks. For example, you will have to teach in a driving school of the future taxi driver, and it is necessary not simply to teach it to drive the car, and to make of it a real ace. Also, we have a online version, where the role of the taxi driver will play a player. He will have to repair the car, correctly park, overcome obstacles and professionally drive the car, entering all the corners. For those who are used to good graphics and eventful stories, we have something special Taxi 3D game, which is now at the peak of popularity.