Games about Animals online

Online games about animals are interesting for both boys and girls because not every child is allowed to have a real puppy or kitten. The site offers online games about pets, wild and fantastic animals, which can be played for free and without registration. In this category there are a variety of "toys" that will appeal to children who want to try on the role of a trainer, veterinarian, animal scientist or even hunter. Dashingly twisted plot, cute characters and beautiful graphics is exactly what every child likes.


Among the characters as cartoon characters, and "copies", very similar to the appearance of real animals who need to ensure proper and timely care. We have online games about animals of completely different orientations: simulators, fermenters, about hunting, about the zoo, and so on. In our "toys" tail, mustache, four-legged and feathered can go shopping, participate in races and sports fights, do business and perform a lot of actions. Free online games about animals are available to everyone. And in order to play them, you do not need to download something and register.