Candy Games online

Play online games Candy love all sweet tooth, which are also gamers. At the moment, there are many varieties of "toys", which include these sweets, forcing players to perform various actions. For example, there are online games "Find Candy" or "Candy Destruction", which attract children and adults with its colorful and interesting story. For the most part, these are logical puzzles, reminiscent of the well-known "Balls", involving the extraction, or rather, the search for sweets in the most inappropriate places for their storage.


There are other options. For example, it's "The Candy Hunt." Online games of this plan implies the collection of sweets that are not hidden, but rather are in the most prominent places. But it is not so easy to get them. Because they either hang high, or "run away," because of what for sweets have to conduct a real hunt, attracting all available intellectual resources for this: logic, wit, intelligence. Play free online games Candy is fun and interesting, because the collection of this "harvest" player helps animals, monsters, fluffy balls. The site presents online versions that deserve the attention of your child.