Billiard Games online

Not every family has a large apartment with a separate room where you can install a pool table. But what if you really want to "roll the balls"? A great solution are free billiards games, which can be played without downloading and registration. The site gives this opportunity to all fans of this original, intelligent, stylish game. Billiards, one version came to us from China, another from India. It has repeatedly changed and transformed, and over time there were many varieties. Free billiards game full screen computer monitor is not the only offer from us, because there are mobile versions available to everyone. Here you will find a variety of online billiards games: Russian, Baltic, Finnish, English, "American", "carambole", "Muscovite", "Siberian", etc. As a worthy opponent can act your own device! If you do not know the rules of billiards, it is not a problem, because each "toy" is accompanied by a detailed manual. We will be glad if you diversify your leisure time with this exciting game, for which you will not have to buy a table, cues and balls!