Basketball Games online

The essence of basketball game is to score points, which is done by throwing the ball into the basket of the opponent. The team consists of 5 players and they are all on the court. This sport is especially popular in the USA, but also in other countries it has fans. If you cannot attend a basketball match or sign up for a basketball section, it is not a problem because the TV and computer will surely remind you of the basketball existence. The games presented on our website will please all boys who love sports! Simulator basketball game is an unrealistically cool thing, because it allows you to manage your own team, while becoming part of it. As for the characters, our "toys" perfectly debunk the myths that only African Americans can play basketball. In fact, neither height nor set of players matter, which can be seen in person by getting to know our "toys" more closely. Look at this: in some of them, players don't have a torso, just hands and a head! And what else do you need to throw the ball in the basket?! At you can play prehistoric basketball or run a team of "match people"!