Fire and Water Games online

Online games for two Fire and Water became popular with gamers immediately after their appearance. They are popular with both adults and children. Plots of these "toys" are diverse, and in addition to the two main characters Droplets and Sparkles, they can be found and other characters. Play the game Fire and Water can all who want to spend your free time. These are really kind "toys" that allow the child to understand the meaning of the simplest life terms "mutual help", "trust", "friendship", "helping a neighbor. At you will find a huge number of free online games Fire and Water for PC and mobile devices with touch screen. We have games for one, two or even three players! Together with Spark and Drop, you will overcome many obstacles, find your way out of complex mazes, and make your way through ancient temples teeming with traps. Also, you will have to face dangers and show great talents! Playing online games Fire and Water, you will inevitably face other elements of Earth and Air, as well as get to where it is difficult to find a way out in the impassable jun gle of the Amazon.