3D aircraft simulator

3D aircraft simulator

Take a great opportunity to be in the pilot's seat in a three-dimensional simulator. Here the player will discover various flight features and very realistic control. If you wanted to fly on different planes, now it is a reality. You will have a choice between different models of aircraft, very realistic graphics and control. You can play in two modes: career and free flight. Mode of free flight involves the choice of route in the form of points of take-off, landing and directly the flight itself. Career mode involves 10 missions. One mission consists of departing at the airport, crossing a number of control points and landing at the airport of destination. From the very beginning of the game to the flights will be available all kinds of aircraft, from small private to huge transport aircraft. All aircraft available in the game are real models from life. Start your pilot career now! Fly on civil and military aircraft. You can fly from the most popular airports in New York, Sydney, Hawaii, etc. The planes will be equipped with a variety of engines: piston, external combustion, turboprop and even turbojet. This unique aircraft simulator has in the landscape of homes and buildings, and airports have hangars and terminals. The flight will also have various effects such as turbulence, weather changes and time of day, which will make it very realistic and unforgettable. And for the most demanding players will be available all the features of each model aircraft.
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3D aircraft simulator
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6 January 2023 14:57
hey yo this game is sick
9 January 2023 14:51
10 January 2023 14:43
shuup boring guy