Restoration of Ellie house 

Restoration of Ellie house 

After an unfortunate fall from her bike, Ellie ended up in hospital and was given a cast on her arm and leg. Now she is waiting for a period of recovery at home. However, due to her current helplessness, the girl needs your help. She can't get out of bed by herself and she needs your help. First of all, the hyped limbs must be fixed in the right position. After that, clean all the dirt and abrasions from Ellie's body with a disinfectant solution, so that they don't get down and get inflamed. Now it's time to change the girl into clean clothes and comb through the shattered hair. So that the body does not hurt, you need to drink painkillers. And finally, in order to cheer up our poor girl a little, it is worth to cook her a meal, turn on some nice music and paint a cast with markers for fun. Take care of Ellie in difficult moments, and she will be very grateful to you.
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Restoration of Ellie house 
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