Frisbee Forever 2

Frisbee Forever 2

Welcome back to Frisbee Forever! Check out the South American slides of your own life with one of the most beloved toys in the world! Dive and glide along the edge of erupting volcanoes, fly majestically over the treated snow cover of China, or look with your own glow in the river gaze at full speed through the European countryside. Play more than 75 creative and personalized tracks in 3 absolutely fresh worlds bustling with life. Manage your own beloved Frisbee drive skillfully, with support for perfect tilt or touch control. Do fearless missions, increase your degree, unlock all Wham-O Frisbee and expand your own collection of original discs. Discover a game full of mysterious, complex bonus levels and hidden secrets that await your own discovery. Collect your own collections and earn the merits of Game Center. Are you still considered a Frisbee master? Get the official continuation of the award-winning Frisbee Forever bestseller. Take a ride on the roller coaster like never before in your life with one of the most beloved toys in the world!
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Frisbee Forever 2Frisbee Forever 2
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