Sea battle-Armada

Sea battle-Armada

According to the legend of this beautiful game, your state was attacked by the enemy, sending its navy to the territorial waters of your country. And it continues to advance, despite the fact that your military has already warned you several times that there will be an adequate response for violating the borders. No one is going to wait to see how far the enemy is going to go deep into the territory. It is time to prepare for battle so as not to suffer an unfortunate defeat. This game, in principle, is almost entirely based on the good old sea battle. Of the differences, only a minor change in the rules and only five ships on both sides. The graphics are simple enough, but quite decent, there is also a musical accompaniment to create the appropriate atmosphere. You can also note the ease of operation and function, when the computer will put tactical ships in difficult places instead of the player. Play sea battle and get even more pleasure from the modern and cool version. Defeat your opponent and win glory!
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Sea battle-Armada
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