Khan wars

Khan wars

Here we have 1 more high-quality strategy, in which you will build the metropolis again and try to fit it into the situation. There will be 12 all kinds of nations and 10 military units in joint difficulty. Apart from this, there is competition on the part of other players, for example, let's get started.
You will also be able to perform without registration, simply click "Act as a guest", and you can start. In the beginning you will see a small town that needs to be rebuilt. As a result, make all kinds of orders, get rewarded and build fresh buildings. Develop and strengthen your own knightly metropolises through fresh buildings and strategic structures. You will be able to choose the road of steady financial growth, ruthless raids on the enemy's objects, thoughtful trade, wise diplomacy and play in the guild, or any mixture of such, actually what you like. The big plus of the game is a tactical combat system. There are almost a thousand strategies that you ask while competing with other players.
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Khan wars
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