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If you like to fight virtually and take part in some great battle the free online games “Fights” are what you need! This category of our site,, contains the best fighting games that you can play online for free, without registration. Agree that this is much better than waving fists on the street in real life. Send your opponent to a deep knockout! And most importantly, there will be nothing for you except praise from your friends!


Are “Aggressive” Games Useful for Children?  

The boys are “arranged” so that from an early age they are attracted to various battles and fights. It is better to play “Fights” online games than to sort things out with their own fists. Such “toys” allow the boys to test their strengths, find out what the will to win is and how it feels to feel like a winner or a loser. We have collected a wonderful collection for you and your children, which is regularly updated with new online games. An online game about fights implies sports, a street battle, and a battle on the battlefield. 

Some people mistakenly believe that “Fighting” online games make children cruel and aggressive. Everything here is not as simple as it seems as there are many positive aspects in such “toys”. For example, they teach children to think about their actions in advance (develop strategies), evaluating the enemy by several parameters at once and taking into account all his strengths and weaknesses, and also achieve their goals. Your child can have a great time in the company of the legendary ninja turtles or other heroes. Playing online games “Fights” is recommended no more than half an hour a day.


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We are sure that you and your children will like the online games offered by our site!