Soccer Games online

There is a team game that children love to play and adults love to watch. It's a football game. Online game can be a worthy alternative to a real match, which is especially noticeable when the weather or other circumstances do not allow your child to chase the ball in the yard. The site presents a wonderful selection of online versions of online games Football, which can be played for free and without registration. They say that this game was invented by the British, although historians believe that it appeared a few thousand years ago, in parallel with the appearance of the ball. Clear evidence of this rock drawings. The rules, similar to the modern ones, were invented by the ancient Japanese. Although, it was not even the rules, but the principle of the game, which is to score the ball into the goal of the opposing team.


The first online games Football appeared in the late 80's, and they were characterized by the simplest graphics, because in those years, gamers could only count on two-dimensional "toys". In 1993, you could already play online football games, presented in three-dimensional image. Thanks to the support of FIFA, such "toys" spread around the world. After this triumphant march on the planet, other developers began to offer football simulators. It is noteworthy that among the "football toys" there are also arcades, where players need to play football with their heads. Modern online games Football ("Penalty", "Score a goal", "Gambling", "Champions Cup") is a great way to spend time!