Games about Cats online

The increased interest in cat games can be explained simply: there is a lot of information about these cute animals on the Internet, and everyone loves to watch funny videos and cartoons, where the main actors are cats and cats of different breeds and "nationalities". At you can play fun and interesting online games about cats, kittens, dogs and other animals. You can download them via torrent or use the online version, which is not much different but has a lot of advantages. If you do not have a pet at home is not a problem, because virtual cats are no less charming creatures that do not need to be cared for.


As for the plots of online games about cats, they are diverse and on our site you will find "toys" with such characters as: Speaking Tom, Lana, Angela, etc., and if you are not afraid of black cats and treat them friendly, you can play in the fascinating "toys", the plot of which is often "tied" on mysticism and esotericism. We also have several versions of the most popular children's kitten brigade, Cat Stimulator and toys about the friendship between kittens and puppies. Online games about cats for girls can be "cat" beauty salons and hairdressers, thanks to which you can feel like a makeup artist and hairstylist. For young veterinarians and cat dentists have their own versions of the games!