Arcades online


The best online games “Arcade”, presented on in huge numbers, will delight everyone who has some free time to spend with benefit. Thanks to online technology you can choose the option that suits you. On our site you can play arcade games for free, without registration. Do not miss such an opportunity!


Arcade Game History

This is not to say that arcade online games arose at the dawn of the Paleolithic age, because their appearance was facilitated by the development of computer technology and, along with it, the Internet, which some 20-30 years ago was available to a limited contingent. It is now possible to play arcade games online at any time of the day, and earlier, in the 70-80s of the last century they were available to fans of slot machines. Similar devices were installed in crowded places: at train stations, at airports, in the movie theatre lobby, etc. And there was always a huge queue for them.

Our contemporaries are more fortunate because they can play arcade games in Russian online, without leaving home. Since then much has changed and, above all, the graphics. But the principle has remained the same. The number of arcade online games is growing rapidly as implementers with enviable constancy offer new products that instantly become popular. The game concept of arcades is simple, therefore they are in demand among young children and representatives of the older generation who still remember “Sea Battle”, “Penalty”, “Pac-man”, etc.


The Main Varieties of Arcades


1. Scrollers. The ultimate goal of online arcade refers to destroying enemies that appear suddenly from a continuously moving screen.

2. Tier. In it you can shoot at moving and motionless targets.

3. Platformers. “Toys”, which previously could be played on consoles, such as “Dandy”. An example is the legendary “Super Mario”, only modern online arcade games are much more interesting.

4. Quests. This is the case when you need to simply “turn on the head” in order to pass all the experiences adequately. 

5. Fighting. These are fights or sports situations between wrestlers. In principle, hand-to-hand fighting can be classified into a separate category, which we have done.

6. Classic and logical arcade games. Their essence coincides with passing all the levels and at the same time a set of points is carried out.