Escape Games online

On the site is presented a series of escape games. You have to "make legs" not only from prison, because in the story the characters escape: from a dark house, an enchanted castle, a mysterious room, uninhabited island. The meaning of such "toys" is that your character needs to break out of prison at any cost. In most cases, online games Escape is a quest, which involves the "inclusion of logic" and careful collection of artifacts. The target audience is boys and girls of different age groups, as well as adults who want to have fun. Escape from the room", "100 doors", spotlight and others are especially popular among gamers. Escape games can be played by anyone who knows how to concentrate attention and take into account important details. To get out of the trap, you will need to complete several tasks. In some cases, you will need to pass the levels. Especially difficult are considered "toys", where in the story your character needs to get out of a locked room or escape from the island. Online escape from jail games does not involve the commission of active actions, and all that the player has to do to solve logical problems, pre-testing the location.