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The site gamesson.net presents many games on various topics and from different developers. All of them are grouped according to some criteria. But sometimes there are “toys” that are difficult to attribute to any category inasmuch as they may not be related to a particular genre as they are multi-genre. Also, online versions with rare characters are included in the “Other Games” section. Moreover, in the section you can find Spider, Solitaire, Rug and other games. We will be glad if you carefully study the list of the recommended “toys” and choose from them the one that you think is worthy of your attention at the moment. 


What to Do if There is no Necessary Online Game in the Thematic Section?

Do not rush to leave our site since gamesson.net has a “reserve” section where Solitaire games and other games that are not related to card games but are very popular among users are presented. You will find here everything that has not fitted in other categories or has not included in the thematic selection for some reason. Please note that the section is regularly updated and we periodically add new items into it. You do not need to download other games, and for all our users they are free. All that is required of you at the first stage is an introduction to the section that every gamer can look into even out of idle curiosity.  


How to Play Minecraft with a Friend on the Network?

To start playing Minecraft games with a friend on the network, you need to download and install the Hamachi program. This is a small utility that allows you to create Internet connection between two computers. Hamachi allows you to create a virtual server but playing with each other is possible only if the versions of Minecraft coincide.

We hurry to please you: playing with a friend in Minecraft is possible without Hamachi. To do this, open your favorite “toy”, create a new world, go to the menu and select “open for Web”. Then you need to provide your current IP address to the second player. And to recognize, you can use the offers of special services providing this kind of information. If you prefer online versions that do not require complex actions you will always find a lot of interesting options on our web portal. To use them, you do not need to pay money and register!