Jumping Games online

Online games, where you have to jump the character, are popular among gamers of different age groups. Such "toys" in narrow gaming circles are commonly named "jumping," although in the genre they belong to the platformers or wanderers. A classic example of Super Mario, where a brave plumber has to not only walk, but also jump to knock down bonus coins, "trample" evil turtles or avoid danger. Free games where you have to jump are available to all users of the portal gamesson.net. It is noteworthy that the role of "jumper" can act anyone and anything: a ball, a cube, a frog, a little birdie, etc.. In this case, the purpose of jumping is different. For example, we have a game where a dinosaur jumps through cacti. Also, there are games "jumping" and another plan, for example, a game where they jump with a parachute. Girls prefer "toys", where the characters act as animals or cartoon characters. As an example, a game with dolphins jumping out of the water or a pony jumping on the rainbow. As you can see, there are different ways to jump. In this case, do not lose sight of athletes, because there are many sports online games where you jump: from a springboard on snowboarding or skiing, with a pole, on a trampoline, from the tower to the pool, on horses over obstacles, etc.