Snake Games online

There are quite simple on the principle of the game. The snake is a classic example of this. The site has "toys" where you need to control the "reptile" keys or mouse. The first option is suitable for experienced gamers, and the second for kids. The player's task is to help the snake to grow up, and you need to make sure that it is not confused in his own body or bite his tail. In this case, the outcome is one Game Over. Play free games Snake you can on our website, where you can find both the classic versions, familiar from "Tetris" or "Dandy", and more complex, such as the game Snake io. There are "toys" in which the snake does not lengthen, and in general - it serves as a hunter (catches chickens and other animals). In this case, you have to manage the chickens and comprehensively take care of them, and prevent them from being eaten by the Snake. Games for children with this story is not difficult. By the way, this method of control is typical for some other options. But the players are particularly popular with more complex versions, with a difficult plot and improved graphics. These include online games Snake "Little Big Snake", Slither, and so on.