Exit the Room online

Exit the Room

According to its own essence online “Leaving the Room” online games are logical quests that not everyone manages to complete. For those who do not know: a quest is an adventure, a game to complete, and in order to pass it you need to complete a chain of successive tasks. That is, playing free online games “Leaving the Room” you will have to solve puzzles, and to exit the locked room you will need to use the tips and give the correct answers to the questions. 


How did the Quest Games Appear?

Back in the early 90s of the last century “advanced” developers released several computer “toys”, only he, for some reason, was not in great demand among gamers. But in 2004 the online game “Red Room” appeared, which was invented by Japanese Toshimitsu Takagi. The online game “Exit from the Red Room” was so popular with the users that they began to demand the continuation. Thus, several more “rooms” of different colors appeared. Over time, other “toys” appeared that fit the genre of “logical quest”. gamesson.net offers you to play free online games leaving the room, featuring a variety of plots and characters.



Logical quests allow the player to transform into the main character. This means that when you play a logical online game leaving the room you will feel like a person in a close space. During the game you will be intensely thinking how to get out of this trap. And your own skills and knowledge will help you with this because in some “toys” you need to solve encrypted messages or passwords created using some kind of coding system.

Playing online games leaving the room requires not only certain knowledge, but also such qualities as resourcefulness, ingenuity, sense of humor, ability to calculate your steps in advance, etc. Do not be afraid to start, it’s not so scary! But what moral satisfaction you will get when you get out of prison, a burning house or any other potentially dangerous real estate!


Types of Logical Quests

1. Criminal. Try on the role of a prisoner or a captive!

2. Classic. These are online games, quests “Find the Way out”. Most often, the role of the object is a furnished room.

3. Baby. A simple plot, elementary tasks, reduced to the search for certain objects.

4. Animation. The main character is a cartoon character.

5. Mysterious. There is a chance to meet the ghost!

6. Technical. To get out, you have to fix something.