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For Girls
Adults and children like to spend time playing computer games. In vain are parents worried that their young princesses will play “toys” full of violence and cruelty. There are no such “samples” on, but there are free online games for girls that themselves are not only interesting and safe for psychology, but also teach something useful. Of course, for girls, developers came up with arcade games, logic and role-playing games, even races, fights and shooting games. But they are mainly attracted by everything that is connected with the world of fashion, household chores, fairy-tale characters, etc. Consider the options in more detail.

Popular Topics for Girls online Games
1. Dress up. Online games for girls. You can get useful skills for free and try on the profession of a stylist, make-up artist, fashion designer. They are very popular.
2. Weddings. The essence of such “toys” is to help the bride and the groom organize a wedding and prepare for this event by themselves. Who knows, maybe your daughter will become a host or an organizer of real weddings in a few years. After all, online games for girls, which you can play for free without registration, often become a good help in choosing a future profession.
3. Cooking. These are very useful online online games for girls, thanks to which you can make a cake or open your own restaurant. Even virtually...
4. Arrangement of premises. A great option for future interior designers!
5. Fairy-tale characters. The most popular direction, which is in demand among young children of kindergarten and “primary school” age. Although even their older sisters and mothers like to play free online games of a similar plan.
6. Shopping. A purely feminine option as every woman likes to buy things, even if she has not yet grown.
7. Appointment. And this online game is for teenage girls. Every young girl who has not yet met her prince can play it for free.

Our site contains the best and new online games for girls, which can be played for free without registration. There are no age restrictions, and if you do not know the rules of the new “toy”, then you can simply read them as the entire menu is in Russian! We have a rich collection where you will find completely different online games, starting with simple ones (like puzzles) and ending with complex ones (strategies).