Evening Dress Design

Evening Dress Design

Disney princesses are looking forward to your help as a designer and makeup artist. All of them have just been invited to the Oscar Awards, and this is the main social event of the year. They all want to look 101%. We suggest you help the princesses prepare for such a solemn and important event. It turned out that none of the princesses (Rapunzel, Anna, Ariel and Elsa) has a dress suitable for such an occasion. All the girls want each one of them to have a dress of original and unique design. You need to decide which makeup to wear to each girl and develop a design for an elegant dress. In this game at your service will be the best cosmetics that will keep on your face for a long time. In addition, you will be able to view and choose from a large number of sketches of evening dresses. Choose the design and color palette of dresses for each of the princesses. Try to make each outfit really unique and when you step on the red carpet, the princesses look like goddesses in them. Have a nice and spectacular game!
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Evening Dress Design
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