You can play the game without registration. To get prizes and get to the favorites table for you must register. This is done quite simply, come up with a name and password, and then leave for battle! All the cards are relatively not giant and you will be among only 4 players on one of the cards provided. You will not be allocated to teams, anyone plays for himself.
How to play? Internet game almost everybody has an opportunity to remember that Fortnight which for example long ago was loved by all players. Choose an inexpensive character, choose a gun and immerse yourself in a lively battle. You will be given a choice of 2 characters Lily and Cheung. Lily's abilities are throwing a burt, you can pump them on the result of the battle, and hit a killer sledgehammer. Seine's abilities is throwing a starry sky, they make a pretty good loss close, and also his super ability to move quickly. Learn all the cards and use them tactically in front of your enemies. Use your own sharp abilities and reflexes.
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