Run, sausage, run

Run, sausage, run

The Game Run, Sausage, Run. The game involves a crazy escape of food from the meat's den. The first main character here is a delicious sausage, caught on the table avid and hungry meat. Need to collect in the course of the game gold coins and when their number will be sufficient, you can open other characters. Among them are chili pepper, eggplant, bacon scrap, shallots, and yellow, very similar to a minion, a character named Tim. You have to prepare for a desperate escape and go! At first, the character runs slowly, but in times of danger he is able to gain considerable speed. When running fast, the sausage bends down, which should be kept in mind when you get in the way of a vertically standing knife. On the way, apart from coins, there will also be bonuses to help the fugitive protect himself from various sharp objects, which are often encountered on the way. We wish you good luck and a fun game!
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Run, sausage, run
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