8 ball billiards classic

8 ball billiards classic

Billiards is quite popular all over the world sport and entertainment. And there are quite a few tournaments on it. We offer you to take part in a virtual billiards competition. You can compete with very skillful players. First, you will see a billiard table, where the balls are placed in a standard arrangement. It is necessary to break this pile with the ball and then, based on the situation, drive the rounds one by one into the pits. As you can see, all the balls on the table are two colors. Remember that you are only allowed to puddle the balls of your color. If you pocket your opponent's ball, it not only will not be counted, but also will give you a point. The winner will be the one who will be the first to drive all the balls of his color. Try to be ahead of all your opponents, pocketing only your balls. A good eye and clear strokes with a neck will help you do that. We wish you have a great time and win!
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8 ball billiards classic
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