Dark Lands

Dark Lands

In the depths of the shadows, there is a kingdom inhabited by evil creatures. Our hero is to overcome the evil forces that guard this world. As a reward, he will receive a sacred treasure, which is told about the myths, but no one has ever seen him. Escort the main character in an epic adventure and lead him to triumph over an evil enemy. For they have defamed the land that once belonged to a beautiful and bright kingdom. The game can be played in two modes: pass the company one after the other or engage in a battle for survival. You can choose the appropriate level of difficulty and be sure to appreciate the unique mechanics of the game. Avoid traps that will always get caught in the way. You'll also have to kill any monsters that get in the way of your final goal. Don't forget to collect gems that are sure to be useful to buy cool equipment and improve your character's performance. We wish you to bravely go through all trials and with triumph to achieve victory and liberation of the whole kingdom from the forces of evil. Do not pass before difficulties and conquer your fears.
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Dark Lands
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