Running on the  trains

Running on the trains

The game Running on the trains . This game is a copy of one very popular game in the world, named Subway Surf. Your hero is a boy who loves to run and jump on the roofs of the train cars and collect gold coins. Together with friends, they also run along the railroad tracks and often run away from the evil guard. This is a very interesting and fascinating process. You need to be ready for a quick run and also be careful to react when necessary. In addition, to run on and between trains, the character can also soar high up with a jetpack, which is filled with paint. You need to enjoy the game by helping Jake's boyfriend and his surf team have fun and run away from a fat and evil guard. They love to paint graffiti on subway walls, for which you can be seriously punished. So all the guys have to do when they see a guard is run away. Running is also interesting because at this time you can also collect coins and bonuses. The bonuses are very useful, among them are a magnet, boots for jumping up, a jumper and a jet pack. If you are in very dangerous situations, use your surfboard, which will help you not make mistakes. Occasionally you will get keys that will help you save the game and continue it from where the character was caught. We wish you to have fun in this interesting game.
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Running on the  trains
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