Animated by 2048

Animated by 2048

This game has a similar gameplay to previous versions, that is, the main meaning of the lesson - is to connect two identical numbers in order to eventually get the maximum possible number. However, there is also some advantage, which gives a lively and colorful animation of the game. Probably the developers have set such a goal when they started to create the game, because the very meaning and so great. Numbers can be moved both on the horizontal and vertical plane. And, of course, the summed up numbers must be identical, otherwise it will not work. The more numbers you can add up, the higher the result will be. For each correctly created combination will be charged points, the total number of which can be seen in the upper panel of the playing field on the right. The result will be recorded if it is the best, and will serve as a good motivation to try to beat this record next time. Tighten your gyrations, train your mental abilities, and you will achieve great results.
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Animated by 2048
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