Military games online

Anyone who wants to personally participate in large-scale battles, should pay attention to the war games. This category includes several genres, and the most popular of them is "first person. That is, when the player performs the function of a soldier or special forces, rushing into battle. The playing field in such "toys" is presented in 3D format, and a huge selection of weapons will allow you to choose the best option for yourself. Military-patriotic and military sports online games are no less interesting. And bright examples of these games are paintball and "Zarnitsa". Strategy is another popular genre, and they "work" in 2D or pseudo-3D format. In essence, these are "old" games about the military, adapted to the requirements of modern gamers. Plots can unfold, as on Earth, and on other planets. By the way, the options dedicated to the theme of WWII, most of all relate to the category of military-patriotic games. Strategies drag on, and so much so that they can devote a few hours of time and not notice it. Third-person arcades also belong to the "tight toys", like all military online games, which can be played at for free and without registration!