Maze Games online

Finding a way out of tangled corridors in a room or even open space is not the only option for the maze game . But few people know that such structures were built back in ancient Rome and Greece. It is a clear confirmation of the legend of the Minotaur, which includes such a structure as the Cretan Maze. Online games, where the plot to find a way out, are popular with fans of puzzles. Therefore, this section of contains a large number of "toys" designed for a wide audience. Those who have ever played " tangibles " on the game console "Dandy", perfectly remember the plot. After all, in essence, it is a game Tanks in a maze. More modern versions can be presented in different formats, including 3D. We also have free games in the maze for two and three players. There are versions for one gamer, and very different. For example, it is the view from above and options with immersion (when your hero moves along the corridors). The series of games "Pass the Maze" are diverse in stories and characters. Here and the mice wading through the holes in the cheese, and lovers who need to pass a confusing path to be reunited.