Weapon Shooting Games online

All boys love guns and shooting games. That is why the section of the site gamesson.net shooter games with weapons, where you can walk, run, crawl, move around on military equipment are in high demand. Such "toys" are divided into several categories: 1. The hero is given a certain type of small arms: rifle, pistol, machine gun, automatic rifle. Here the gamer plays for Special Forces, soldiers, police and other "fighters against evil". In some variants it is possible to buy an arsenal for virtual money or bonuses. Shooting games with weapons that involve target shooting (Sniper, Tyre, etc.). 3. Warriors. This is a very broad category, to which we have devoted an entire section of our website. 4. Space shooters. Here, as a means to defeat the enemy are used not conventional guns and automatic rifles that shoot bullets, but laser rifles and other fantastic weapons. Shooting games may also involve the use of crossbows, bows, etc. We have the best shooter games with weapons for two or one player. Themes and stories are different. But all online versions have something in common: for users they are free!