Tetris Games online

In the section of site gamesson.net tetris games "does not overgrow the folk trail," even though some gamers consider this "toy" the most primitive. This is not a relic of the past and not a "hello from the nineties", because there are many modern versions of tetris games, which can be played for free and without registration. Not everyone knows that the game principle was invented by the Soviet scientist Pazhitnov. And this event happened in the early 80's. Classic tetris games have the simplest rules: from somewhere on top of the playing field dropped various geometric shapes that must be placed so as to get a horizontal line, then disappearing. For its disappearance the player gets points. If it is not possible to build lines then a heap of pieces is created that threatens to stop the game. Tetris is a real national fun! Thanks to the efforts of the developers, there are many variations, where the role of game elements are multi-colored balls. The horizontal line disappears if it consists of balls of the same color. To play free tetris games, you do not need to register, download and install programs.