Worm Games online

It happens that complex and colorful computer "toys", the output of which was waiting for gamers, become a complete disappointment. And it happens and vice versa, when the leaders come unpretentious, primitive (not very difficult) games. Worms are the same case. The developer of this "toy" is Steve House, who due to his poverty was forced to drag out a miserable existence. After he came up with a game about worms, his monthly income was 100 thousand dollars! What did Steve do. He just "ennobled" the legendary "Snake", changing not only the name and graphics, but the plot. So, instead of a lonely snake, constantly risking to get confused in his own body and bite his tail, there were many worms, bobbing back and forth in search of food. Free Slizario Worm games are available to all users of the site gamesson.net! In essence, this is an intellectual strategy, which just loved the different age boys and girls. If you play the Worm game , then know that you will have to use not only your fingers, but also the head. It is noteworthy that the characters eat their own kind, but their main passion is balls. Winner is the one who becomes the longest!