War Games online

Every boy wouldn't mind shooting and fighting, but in reality it's better not to. And why, if the site gamesson.net we have collected for your romp best games, twins?! We can play games for free war choosing your enemies at your discretion. For example, it can be space aliens, bandits, the royal army or a battalion of special forces. Big fans of pistols, submachine guns, machine guns and slingshots is devoted a section! For maximum enjoyment there is a war game for two players. War can be fought on earth, in the sky and on water. In this case, do not necessarily take on the function of the shooter, because on our site there are games,war, involving the use of different military equipment, ranging from tanks and aircraft to the submarine. Truly patriotic are war games 1941-1945, that is, dedicated to WWII. Their plot is battles between the Red Army and the Germans. In order to play the free war game do not require special skills and the presence of powerful devices. We offer great online versions with improved graphics, which do not need to download via torrent! It feels like armed conflicts have always shaken our planet. And if we figure it out, it is. Games about war are popular among boys of all generations, but fathers and grandfathers of modern boys had to fight with toy weapons in the hands or with the involvement of tin, wooden, plastic soldiers. Modern boys prefer to play games about war on the computer or some gadget. And this has its advantages, because gamers can choose the battlefield, type of weapons, opponents and other parameters. Also, there is an opportunity to take part in medieval or world war. Games of such plan is a real excursion into the history, because thanks to them, you can get information about the uniforms, ammunition and weapons of those years. Games about World War often involve military equipment, which means that each player has a chance to participate in a tank battle or air battle. More complex strategy games imply the presence of two storylines at once: one is a military matter, and the second is the development of the economy in order to obtain the resources needed to conduct military operations.