A drunken duel 2

A drunken duel 2

You probably know what a duel is. Two opponents stand at a distance from each other and try to hit their opponent with a firearm. In a drunken duel, it would be exactly the same, only both opponents are quite drunk. What does that mean? Each of the opponents will stagger, the hand with the gun will be led and it will be a triple effort to aim. And all of these twists and turns make the duel not so much a tough and uncompromising event as a fun and entertaining one. The shootout lasts until someone collapses under the enemy's bullets. The win counts for whoever is accurate and successful five times. In the new version of the game, original characters like croupiers and others are available. You can even shoot a flying helicopter to bury your enemy under it. You can play as one against the computer, and invite a friend to find out which one of you is cooler when drunk. Charge up the cheerful mood and start the fun game!

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A drunken duel 2
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