Helix Jump 2

Helix Jump 2

Ask yourself, how many points would you rate your dexterity if you took a scale of 1-10? Even if it is difficult to say at once, you can make a real test of such a useful quality, just running and playing a new part of the game that has become popular in a very short time Helix Jump. By the way, this hit initially became wildly popular on all platforms of mobile devices, and then, logically, went to the personal computers. In this very cool game, you will again have to make a full adventure descent down the road, which is very similar to the spiral staircase. Only there are some differences: the steps of this track are parallel to each other, and you can descend lower only when you get in between them or break one of them. Embark on an exciting journey and reach the foot in one piece, thus completing the game's main objective. Good luck!
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Helix Jump 2
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