Helix Jump Games online

If you want to know how dexterous, patient, attentive and lucky you are, then arrange yourself a little testing. Helix Jump games will allow you to assess your abilities, and they will be a worthy entertainment. The simplicity of "toys" only seems, and to pass all levels will not be so easy. Because the main character of the ball Helix is constantly in motion and it is very difficult to "catch" his dynamics. Online helix jump games is an "active" puzzle game that perfectly relieves stress and improves reaction. Helix Jump and similar games have approximately the same story, which "spins" around the constantly bouncing ball and vertical. The infinite vertical is commonly called the tower. That is, it is a multi-level construction with various obstacles (colored sectors, notches, spikes, etc.) and "bonus embeddings". The task: to safely carry the ball through all the obstacles, which will be quite difficult: because of its excessive jumping, it risks to turn into a colored spot when confronted with the platform. If you want to play the free helix jump game right now without registering, then choose the right option on the site gamesson.net.