Intelligent cars

Intelligent cars

Demonstrate your own speed and strategic abilities in this unpretentious but difficult game. Help car owners reach their destination by drawing a line of path. Be sure to line up as soon as possible. You can draw a straight line or a curve. Play at the moment and have fun! Features: - 17 cool cars - A variety of colors for any car - 4 difficult maps. Manage the most angry sports cars, drift the traffic at the highest speed or jump on the asphalt. Drive out of a multi-level car showroom; move on the real city traffic and park back like a skilful driver. Ultra-fast super-fast rich car, driving physics with exciting graphics. Universe in a world of open world with highways. Walk around the subway town in a smart car, drift on sharp turns and park outside the customer's home. Take advantage of the superiority of all planned jeep races, safely completing all the trick missions with the celestial ramp, to add to the list of trick legends.
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Intelligent cars
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