Confident driver

Confident driver

How agile are your reflexes? Drive your own car, choose the right lanes and be wary of accidents in order to win a degree. Difficult meanings. 1 mistake and you're gone! this is a new game simulator where you can drive all kinds of cars: cars, trucks and buses.
The game allows you to sharpen your driving skills in the most different criteria: in a metropolis, on the off-road, on highways, in the deserts, in the mountains, etc.
Now you can drive a car with a manual gearbox!
Play together with your friends in free multiplayer mode!
More than 50 values with different road conditions are waiting for you. Celebrate your own driving skills and get a driver's license now! More than 10 detailed maps. Smooth and close to reality driving. All kinds of license categories: for cars, buses and trucks. More than 50 fascinating values. Free play mode. Multiplayer mode. Clearly designed salons of cars. Close to reality damage system. Learn to drive cars with manual gearbox. Tilt control, buttons and touch control wheel.
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Confident driver
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