Super escape masters

Super escape masters

Escape with your friends from the kutuzkas and enjoy an unusual underground adventure. Dig a safe exit, sort a lot of obstacles to enjoy your own freedom. Run through 24 fascinating values, avoiding spikes, crates, explosives, water and securitisation to get to the truck and leave this space. Get as many friends as possible and collect gold and keys to get through all the values to the maximum in this amazing and reckless escape. Don't let your buddies run away and save your life. The real prison life, the confrontation of different forces. The struggle for life in difficult criteria. Variable plot. Secretly sneak out to get information. Expose sensational frauds. Sophisticated decoding device. Scenes of melee combat, full of animation and impulse. Finish check of mind and bravery. You have 1 task to escape! Do you prefer to play on the reaction? No tasks, here they are! Do you prefer to guess riddles? There are no tasks, we have them! The smallest mistake has the ability to damage all your intentions. In order to accomplish the sprout, you will need to focus on the details.
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Super escape masters
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