Prison Escape Games online

The life of any person can collapse at any moment if he commits a crime and finds himself in "places not so far away". Virtual and real criminals only think about how they would escape and be free. The prison escape game is not just an arcade or a wander, but a real quest, for the passage of which you will have to "turn your head on", make a plan of action and engage in the search for useful artifacts. How does the jailbreak game go? Only by consistently performing one action after another, with the utmost care. According to experienced gamers, the hardest way to escape from the Russian prison. Online games with a similar story, as well as a huge number of other options are available at Well-known characters act as heroes, and these are not only "burned criminals", but also Kogama, pixel people from "Meingraft", and even Stickmen. You can play the game Escape from Russian prison (or American prison) right now without registration and downloading through torrent. Remember that it depends on your actions: whether the character can escape or he will have to serve extra time. Show cunning and ingenuity!