3D pixel factory.io

3D pixel factory.io

This is a very interesting and interesting fighting game in which you try to win more games for your own team. 3D Internet shooter in pixel style. Play as a team with your friends in a fantastically lively shooter from the 3rd face! Model or join a clan and take part in an exciting battle of clans for space at the top of the Reiteng! Get and improve the gun, change the personal appearance, a large number of hats and skins for your enjoyment! A large number of game modes: battle royale, domination, capture the flag, deatmatch, etc. Simple management: we have an auto attack, simply point the aim at the task and it will be amazed! Play with friends in a team of up to 3 people! Large arsenal of pixel guns: RPGs, flamethrowers, automatic rifles, machine guns and rifles are waiting for you! Any gun is possible to improve on 5 parameters! A large number of varieties of customization of the character. A large number of beautiful and tempting maps. An indescribable HD pixel graphics optimized including for the most inflexible phones! (you can change the quality of graphics in the game options).
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3D pixel factory.io3D pixel factory.io
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