Bike racing 3

Bike racing 3

Bike Racing, a widespread and very interesting racing game according to the hills, is out in the 3rd stage! In Bike Racing 3 you will no longer drive in the period. Pick up the bike according to your own selection, pick up one of the difficult endless tracks and try to overcome as far as possible further without falling in the brain! Any of the two-wheeled vehicle has its own advantages in different areas. Use a boat, in order to wander according to the hills, pick up the cross-country motorcycle, to skip over through the sandy mountains, or try a heavy traditional bike in the circumpolar circumstances! All highways without exception are crammed with a limitless number of hills as well as obstacles. Pick up as many coins as possible, get as far as the revision points and perform tricks to get bonus coins! Spend your reward money to unlock the newest bikes and tracks, or invest in the biggest armored tank, the strongest motor, or the highest quality tires which can help you advance further and defeat the ghosts that symbolize your achievement! Fight in Bike Racing 3 for free right now also check out the nerve-racking time!
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