Burnin rubber 5 xs

Burnin rubber 5 xs

Race and build your way to the finish line in this busy racing game. Earn money and credit to buy fresh cars and guns. Discover all the secrets of the game and be the best racing mercenary! Now you can drive, drift and test yourself a racing sports car for free!
Be an angry racer on the whole town for you. There is no need to slow down because of traffic jams or racing on other competitors' cars, as a result of this you will be able to perform illegal tricks and carry on at absolute speed without police harassment! Thank you to the close to reality driving in accordance with the laws of physics, plagues and turbocharges, huge overtaking on the unthinkable view of the West Coast, Rebel Racing breaks the category of mobile racing, as if a gust of cheerful air. Race in different modes of the street scene, show your own competitors stunning speed in real competitions. Unimaginable turns, driving ability to exercise in different modes of competition, as a result, start the race in arcade style, do amazing stunts. Unique tricks of arcade action and style of simulation Driving.
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Burnin rubber 5 xsBurnin rubber 5 xs
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