Zombs Royale

Zombs Royale

These games are inspired by Fortnite and PUBG. You must try to endure all the hardships and confront hundreds of players. Use the WASD buttons to move around the map and use the left mouse button to shoot. You will have to choose the stock and the gun.
Find the cannon and move and try to exterminate as many other players as possible. You must also beware of poison gas, which reduces the playing area every day if you hit the gas, you will eventually die. Consider your own strategy and try to bear all the hardships at all costs. This game insistently asks for experience, rapid reactions and perseverance! Be a favorite of Zombs Royale today! Favorite Tables - Climb to the top of the favorites lists to demonstrate that you are the best. Watch as you fight with other players to be eliminated for the match or survival time! Seasons - Any season lasts a certain number of months and gives you a unique cosmetics, unique for any season, depending on your results! Do your errands, and you can get awards faster!
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Zombs Royale
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  • bowtiesmilelaughingblushsmileyrelaxedsmirk
14 March 2022 04:56
can not go in and a lot of lag