Top Speed 2

Top Speed 2

This is an extremely advanced web game for cars, with fairly close to reality models, light and sounds, and the tricks in this game does not look like any other game online until now.
Choose between day and night, then take a private car outside the garage and start to travel and explore the metropolis. The continuation of the most famous racing game is finally available. Unimaginable racing gameplay, which you have not yet seen! Your beloved drag racing game returns to Android devices, so that with double power to arrest revenge! It's time to prevail over criminal and crazy opponents, setting their own criteria on the streets! Get behind the wheel of your own super fast cars, participate in absolutely fresh races and be the best racer! Moth for mass or a rat between police officers? You are a young cop, who has been suspended, but still stands guard of the law. When a mafia gang decides to hold the metropolis in black gloves, you will work in the night shift, and the key is to work. Since, you are the only one who has the opportunity to fulfill this difficult task. Do not let them recognize!
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Top Speed 2Top Speed 2
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